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Consistent and accurate bookkeeping can be extremely stressful. We take care of every transaction you make. You get the most detailed look at how your church or business is doing.


We are here to take care of the daunting task of keeping your payroll in order. All records are organized and recorded. Your employees are getting paid on time. Your taxes are accurate. Your job just got easier!

Accounts Payable & Receivable

We provide your team with comprehensive billing, cash application and collections management. Rest easy that we keep track of everything you owe and are owed so it will be taken care of regularly and on time!

Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation can be confusing and making sure everything is done correctly is almost its own full time job. We give you peace of mind that your taxes are done properly and on-time, letting you get your time back!

The first 6 years of running my own business I spent far too much time working in my books, even though I had professional bookkeepers on payroll. I had to constantly correct issues, make adjustments, and fix oversights. It was frustrating having to redo the work I was paying someone else to do. I also had not seen a reliable P&L in 12 months.

When I hired BeMissional Finance, they quickly assessed the situation, developed a plan, and set up systems to help me avoid costly issues in the future. It was like I could breathe for the first time since becoming a business owner. Because of BeMissional Finances’ confidence in their abilities and the competence to do the work, I finally have a great view of where my company stands and where we’re going. It’s a great feeling!

Gayle Watkins, Ph.D.

Owner & Founder, Avidog International, LLC

5 Ways to Get Your Church's Finances Running on Autopilot

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