We understand church leadership. We understand church finances. 

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We know finances can be frustrating, and you should be focusing on growing your ministry or business. That is why we exist. We are here to guide you on your journey so you have the clarity you need to build an incredible ministry or profitable business.

We have years of experience serving churches and small businesses to help pastors, congregants, and owners have peace of mind, learn growth strategies, and maximize profits.



We assist you in maximizing your resources to achieve the things that are truly important to you.



Our team consists of well-educated, experienced, and credentialed advisors from diverse professional backgrounds.



We will provide feedback based on the numbers we see to help you make the right moves.

When our church bookkeeper retired, we had no in-house expertise in the area of church finances. We decided to outsource this responsibility and found BeMissional Finance. The transition and process was so simple that we were able to utilize volunteers to coordinate and manage the day-to-day. Because BeMissional Finance does a great job taking care of our payroll, tax records, and compliance issues our church staff can spend more of their time focused on their ministry areas. BeMissional Finance has been more of a partner in ministry, keeping our financial records accurate and reporting always on time!

Roger Jamieson

Treasurer, Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Newark

Are you missing out on maximizing your resources?

How much does imprecise record keeping and reporting cost you? How many opportunities do you let pass by because you do not have the data to know what is possible? How many people do not know about your product because you are not able to budget for advertising properly? Do you know when you need to expand your team? Are you getting the most tax breaks available to you? A lack of clarity may already be costing you a great deal.

5 Ways to Get Your Church's Finances Running on Autopilot

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